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Amarilla is an 17 year old Argentine Polo Pony.
Blitzen is a 10 year old Welsh Pony gelding who has a big jump for his little size.
Cupcake is a young Caymanian pony that is only 12 hands tall. She is Teddy's sister and was rescued by the Equestrian Center.
Dreamy is a 7 year old Welsh Pony gelding that does both jumping and dressage.
Durango is a quarter horse mare that is multi-talented. She jumps, does dressage and is a great vaulting horse.
Flicka is a Cayman horse that is sweet and gentle.
Gypsy is a 2 year old Pinto Quarter Horse filly that is currently in training and will join the other lesson horses in a couple of years
Jelly is a 30 year old Cayman pony that has taught hundreds of children to ride over the years.
Kartouche is a 24 year old Dutch Warmblood mare. She was Jessica's first FEI horse and is an upper level schoolmaster.
Lady is a 7 year old Cayman pony with winning form in dressage and is in training for jumping.
Monroe Carr, is a 17 hand Selle Français mare that is a medium/advanced dressage schoolmaster.
Rambo is a 24 year old Caymanian Pony that was Jessica's first horse.
Ricky, who's show name is Pony Up, is an 11 year old Welsh Pony gelding.
Partenon is a Lucitano stallion that is sweet enough for beginners to ride.
Posh is an 18 year old Quarter Horse mare that is used in the beginner program.
Princess is Caymanian Pony that is a half sister to Flicka.
Shadow is a sweet, older Welsh Pony that is privately-owned but is kept fit by beginning riders in lessons at the EC while his owner is away at school.
Smart Racer
Smarty, as he is known around the barn, is an OTTB gelding who is used in dressage lessons.
Snow White
Snow White is a quarter horse mare that has a great temperament for beginners.
Teddy is a young Caymanian Pony and a half brother to Cupcake.
Twinkie, as she is affectionately known, is a Welsh Pony mare that is ridden mostly by beginners.
Zeus is a small Cayman Pony with an incredible jump.
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Smart Racer

Smarty, as he is known around the barn, is an OTTB gelding who is used in dressage lessons.