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EC Horse Shows and Gymkhanas

The Equestrian Center holds its own Show Jumping and Dressage Shows, as well as holiday-themed Gymkhana each year. 

CIEF Horse Shows

Equestrian Center riders, both owners and non-owners can compete in CIEF shows both at home and at the venues.  Trailering and training is provided, and it is a fun way to mark your progress and get to know the other riders on the island.  Click here to see the CIEF's current show calendar.

Public Demonstrations

The Equestrian Center is frequently asked to participate in public demonstrations and events.  In the past few years, such events have included a Dressage Pas de Deux and Pony Quadrille at the Agriculture Grounds for the Agriculture Show and at Pedro St. James for a benefit for the National Trust, as well as a show jumping and dressage demonstration at Camana Bay as part of the annual Hattitude fundraiser in the Cayman Islands.  Click on the photo to the left to see Equestrian Center riders performing a Pony Quadrille at Pedro Castle.

International Shows and Invitationals

Because of Mary's contacts throughout the Caribbean and elsewhere, Equestrian Center junior riders at the more advanced levels often have the opportunity to compete overseas while representing the Cayman Islands. These are typically borrowed horse competitions where the emphasis is on making new friends rather than the ultimate results. This past year Mary has taken riders to Jamaica and Barbados.

For the past two years, the Equestrian Center has also hosted its own show jumping invitational, where each visiting rider is paired with a local junior rider with whom they share the same horse or pony for a weekend.  These are great events, which require a lot of volunteer time, but always create lasting memories and enduring friendship.  The first invitational included riders from most of the CEA countries, while the second one included riders from Jamaica and the USA.

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