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Mary Alberga

Head Jumping Trainer
FEI Level 2 Certified Coach
FEI Level 1 Certified Vaulting Coach
FEI Level 1 Show Jumping Judge
FEI Jump Steward

Mary grew up in Jamaica and moved to the Cayman Islands in the mid 70s bringing her horse, Tanga, with her.  With a handful of horses, a small plot of land and 3 young children, she started the Equestrian Center in 1992.  Mary can be credited with much of the development of equestrian sport in the Cayman Islands with the founding, in 1997, of  the Cayman Horse Association, which was renamed the Cayman Islands Equestrian Federation (CIEF) in 2012,  for which Mary served many years on its Board.  Mary currently serves as the President of the Caribbean Equestrian Association (CEA), and has been instrumental in bringing international competition opportunities to Cayman's riders.

Always thirsty for knowledge, Mary has spent the last 15 years attending courses all over the world.  To her name she holds an FEI Level 2 Coach certification, an FEI Level 1 Jump Judge card, an FEI Level 1 Steward certification and attended an FEI Level 1 Course Designer course in Aachen, Germany.  Most recently, she obtained her FEI Level 1 Vaulting Coach certification.


In 2010 and 2011 respectively,, she served as Chef d’Equipe for Jessica at the CAC and Pan Am games, and has traveled with her students to international competitions from the German Friendships, to France, Colombia, numerous Caribbean islands, and most recently to the 2014 Youth Olympic Games, where her student came home with a Bronze team medal – Cayman’s first medal for equestrian sport and first medal in an Olympic event.

Mary's passion for excellence is apparent in her keen and focus on the care and needs of the horse, which is always is her #1 priority.

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